Kids’ Birthday Parties

Book a Foam Birthday Party for Your Back Yard

If you’re a busy parent looking for a special, memorable birthday party, our party-in-a-box foam birthday party model is for you!

We entertain at more kids’ birthday parties than any other type of event, so we know party parents are looking for something exciting that will keep tiny guests entertained, build memories, and fit with your party theme.

But we also know you’re trying to do it around busy work and childcare schedules, and on budgets that make sense for your family. (And wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy the party instead of running every little detail of it?)

With our all-in-one package, you can quickly plan an activity that not only meets your hosting needs, but has every guest talking about your child’s birthday for years!

Foam birthday party photo

Our Perfect Birthday Packages

Our foam birthday party package is 1 hour of foam-packed fun–the perfect amount of time for kids to jump in, make memories, and tire themselves out for the car ride home.

Here’s what to expect from our party-in-a-box:

  1. You submit a quote to check our availability and prices. (Foam birthdays are best booked several months in advanced to keep up with demand, and normally cost $500-600 depending on where in CT, RI, or MA your party is.)
  2. After you book, that’s it! You can focus on any other aspect of your party.
  3. On the day of your party, your foam tech will arrive an hour before their scheduled start time. All you have to do is show them where they’ll be setting up. They’ll set up the rest.
  4. At your scheduled start time, the foam tech will go over the safety rules with kids (no eating the foam, putting your head under the foam, or hitting others).
  5. Then, the party will start!
  6. Kids and parents will be able to dance and play in the foam while our tech keeps the foam party going. They’ll be playing a mix of modern Kidz Bop and some retro club throw backs for the adults.
  7. At the end of your scheduled foam time, the tech will turn off the foam cannon and music. The kids will be welcome to play in the left over foam while the foam tech cleans up.
  8. That’s it! The foam will naturally dissolve, and the foam tech will break down everything else.

After the foam portion of your party is done, you can jump into serving food or cutting cake. But if you want more entertainment for longer parties (like face painting and balloon twisting), just ask when you’re booking!

Tips for a Foam-Tastic Birthday Party!

After 10+ years of entertaining at kids birthdays, here are our favorite tips for making sure you get the most out of your foam machine rental.

  1. Schedule your foam tech to start 30min after you’ve invited guests. So, if your party starts at 2:00pm, schedule foam for 2:30pm (or even 3:00pm, depending on your culture!) This way all of your guests will be there and no one will miss out.
  2. Keep your whole party outdoors. Foam gets wet, so make sure anything that could be ruined by water and soap is far away from dripping kids. (And for guests to use the bathroom, add extra towels or mats in front of the door so kids can dry their feet before entering.)
  3. Prepare your guests. We have this handy guide for what to tell party parents and recommend either printing it out to include with party invitations or emailing the guest list ahead of time.
  4. Make sure kids have access to plenty of water and sunscreen. Running around in the hot sun while they’re playing with bubbles can be busy work! Keep kids hydrated and having a great time.
  5. Stay on top of your guest list. While we know most schools have a rule about inviting everyone in a class, foam parties have a maximum limit of 25 kids for safety and maximum fun. If you’re not sure about the best way to do this, feel free to reach out to our office while booking and ask for some tips. (We’re pros!)

Foam Kids Party Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a foam pit cost?

Our foam birthday party package is around $500 plus a travel fee depending on where you live. It comes with one foam machine, one professional foam technician, and endless bubbles! We’ll give you a custom quote when you contact us.

Are foam parties safe for kids and pets?

Yes! Foam is extremely gentle on even the most sensitive skin and eyes. Just know that if a child gets foam in their mouths, they will likely gag or vomit (just like if they eat soap) and know that it happens sometimes.

And while foam is safe for pets, we generally suggest all animals are kept far away from the fun. Pets (especially dogs) often try to explore the world using smell and taste, and digesting foam will cause them to throw up.

For more on safety, you can see our Safety Data Sheet here.

Are foam parties safe for my backyard lawn?

They sure are. Foam solution won’t harm your plants or lawn at all, and in an hour kids won’t wear down any turf while dancing or playing. (If you’re really worried, you can also use a flat driveway for your foam party, as long as we can reach electric and water within 100 feet.)

Will the floor get wet from foam? Can you slip?

Your lawn will get wet, but as long as our techs are spraying the foam on turf the kids won’t slip in any mud or dirt. However, kids running into a house to use the bathroom with slippery feet could cause them to skid on tiles or hardwood, so we suggest having a bathmat outside for them to dry their feet on.

Can we just rent the foam party machine?

The reason all of our foam machine rentals come with an amazing foam tech is that our team has the experience to maximize your guests’ fun by troubleshooting technical problems, dealing with details like wind speeds and water hardness, and keeping everything safe. (Plus: don’t you want to enjoy your own kids’ parties?)