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Foam Parties for Summer Camps or Schools

Whether you’re celebrating the end of your year or trying to come up with original programming solutions, foam parties are unmatched when it comes to unique entertainment.

As parents ourselves, we know that parents are investing more than ever in fulfilling, educational programs for their kids. They’re no longer satisfied with using summer camps or private schools as babysitters. Not only do educational organizations have to be amazing, but they have to prove it!

Likewise, kids as young as 5 are looking for experiences that are more interesting than an iPad. Programming needs to engage their senses, use all of their energy, and create a lasting memory.

Foam parties are a great way to truly keep kids in the moment, burn through all of their energy, and delight parents who are looking for something extra magical from your organization.

Foam parties for summer camps - an image of kids ages 5-10 wearing goggles and covered in foam while smiling

Summer Splash Day

Our Summer Splash Day programs create the perfect foam parties for summer camps and schools looking to entertain kids of all ages. (Even CITs who are too cool for most things!)

Here’s what you can expect when booking your foam machine with us:

  1. You’ll submit a quote to get our availability and option.
  2. We’ll suggest some schedules for you, as well as give you pricing.
  3. That’s it! Our office and foam techs will take care of everything else.

And here’s what you can expect from our foam station:

  1. A foam technician will arrive at your camp or school 1 hour before the first group is scheduled to start.
  2. You’ll show them where to set up, and then they’ll take care of the rest!
  3. You’ve already created a schedule so that groups of 10-25 kids have their block of 30 minutes in the foam.
  4. Counselors, teachers, or parents will rotate the groups throughout your scheduled time.
  5. At the end, the foam tech will clean up everything before leaving. Nothing to worry about!

And if you’re looking to do additional programming around the “main event” of your foam cannon rental, here are a few other things we’ve seen camp and school clients do in the past:

  • Water balloon wars
  • Water dodge-sponge (like dodgeball, but safer and wetter!)
  • Pool time (if your organization has access to one)
  • Water gun tag (whoever is “it” gets a tiny water pistol to tag friends with. The last one dry wins!)
A child holds out their hands to catch foam. They're covered in foam and wearing a tshirt and shorts.

Tips for Foam Parties for Summer Camps & Schools

Foam Cannon Rental Challenges for K-12

As parents and educators ourselves, we know a couple of the most common issues facing educators and program directors are behavioral. Foam is no exception, but the good news is that a foam event can be a great way for kids to unglue themselves from their foam and get some energy out.

We recommend booking all scheduled foam events in 30-minute blocks for maximum 10-25 kids per block. This is to ensure maximum fun (the foam pit that our techs will create is normally around 25′ x 25′) but also to make sure adults can watch over kids in a safe way.

For kids under 5, up to 25 kids per block is perfect. For kids 6-8, we recommend up to 20 kids per block. And for kids 9-12, we suggest up to 10-15 kids a block. (Ultimately, these are just suggestions based on our experience in the classroom. You know your campers and students the best.)

Preparing guests

Before the big day, we highly recommend sending out our pre-written preparation guide for parents. This will help make sure that kids are sent with the right clothing, towels, and expectations.

We also suggest that throughout the day, teachers or camp counselors remind kids of behavioral expectations that exist every day in your classroom or on your grounds. Foam won’t be an exception to that!

Finally, our foam techs will also remind kids of the three big rules:

  1. Use kind hands and words with everyone in the foam, even if you’re excited!
  2. Don’t eat the foam. (You wouldn’t eat soap at home, right?)
  3. Don’t put your head under the foam. No one will be able to see you, and they could trip!

Then, while our foam technicians run the station, adults will be able to join the kids for the fun in the foam (while keeping an eye out for safety.)

Two children in summer camp tshirts covered in foam and laughing


How much does it cost to rent a foam cannon?

For very small summer programs, our 25-child packages start at around $500 (plus a travel fee, depending on where you are in CT, MA, or RI). Custom pricing goes up from there and includes equipment rental, a professional foam tech, and endless bubbles!

How long will a summer camp foam party last?

In our experience, the perfect amount of time for a kid to be in the foam is 30-45 minutes. They’re running around in the direct sun, dancing to music, and laughing with their friends–it takes a lot out of them!

Multiple that by however many groups you have of 10-25 kids. We’ll work with you on the schedule to make sure you have the perfect amount of foam time.

What happens if it rains?

When you rent a foam cannon, we take a deposit for your party. In case of rain, high winds, or thunder/lightning, we’ll move your event to another date or time (and move the deposit with it).

While foam parties are amazing ways to end your year, we recommend booking your party knowing that we may need to switch to another date depending on how rainy our New England summer is that year. While we can’t hold rain dates (our techs are in high demand!) we do have extra cannons on stand-by and if you’re flexible, we can be too.

Alternatively, if you *need* entertainment on a certain date, our partner company Kaleidoscope has rainy-day activities that can be done indoors and may have availability that day for similar prices.

PreK students wearing goggles and bathing suits, standing in a pile of foam up to their shoulders