If you’ve never hosted a foam party before, you’re likely going to have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequent ones we get.

What happens at a foam party?

In short: your guests arrive to see a foam cannon spewing foam 6+ feet in the air! When they step into the foam, it’s somewhere between their hips and their chest. There’s music blasting, maybe some other activities and snacks, and it’s a giant dance party! (Even if they’re not normally the type to dance.)

How do you plan a foam party?

If you’re not used to planning events, it might seem overwhelming–but planning a foam party is really easy!

First, you need to make sure you have three things for your space: a flat and well-draining area, a 3-prong grounded outlet, and a spout for water. That’s it!

Then, you need to rent a foam cannon and professional foam tech. If you want to rent a foam cannon in CT, MA, or RI you’ve come to the right place! Contact us and we’ll take care of everything you need.

You’ll also need to finalize a guest list. Each foam cannon can accommodate up to 25 people at a time, so you’ll need to work with foam party professionals to either schedule your foam party in waves or hire multiple techs at once.

Finally, you need to prepare anything else you want at your party. Food, drinks, other activities, seating, and tents might be handy for larger events.

What do I need for a foam party?

We have a few technical requirements for foam parties that most buildings (and homes) in CT, MA, and RI meet pretty easily. You need:

  1. A flat area with grass or pavement for us to spray the foam on. The area
  2. Electricity. That means a 3-prong grounded outlet that is no more than 100ft from the foam site. Our techs will have extension cords, but the outlet should be outdoors and grounded (so we can’t run it from inside a residential house).
  3. Water. Any outdoor faucet that we can hook a hose up to is fine.

Meanwhile, we supply:

  1. One foam cannon rental
  2. One professional foam technician to set-up, operate, and clean-up the foam station
  3. All other materials and foam
  4. A music station and playlist (or optional aux-cord if you want to plug in your own music device

Are foam parties wet?

Yup. You can dip into foam without getting too wet (think about putting your hand in some dish foam), but if you stay a while, it’ll be like jumping into a bubble bath!

What do you wear to foam parties?

Guests can wear anything that’s appropriate to the venue, as long as it can get wet.

For kids parties and most events, some mix of sports clothing, bathing suits, or swimwear is the most common.

For events where you might see coworkers, bosses, or even teachers, you can wear athleisure clothing or even jeans and a t-shirt if you don’t think you should wear a bathing suit.

And if you’re going to a more dressed-up foam party, like at a nightclub or bar mitzvah, you can wear just about anything that can get wet and won’t need to be dry cleaned. (And you can also bring a costume-change for before or after you jump in the foam!)

For shoes, the foam will be stacked up to at least your hips and you won’t be able to see your feet. So don’t wear anything that will slip off (like sandals or slides), anything that can twist your ankle (like heels or platforms), expensive sneakers you’d be upset to scuff or get wet, or anything that can injure anyone else (like heavy boots or soccer cleats). We would recommend sneakers used for sports, sandals made for outdoor adventures, water shoes, or going barefoot!

Will foam ruin clothing?

Any clothing that can get wet will be fine in foam. So if it needs to be dry-cleaned, it’s a no-go.

Will foam harm my hair?

No, the main ingredients in foam are the same ingredients in many personal hygiene products including shampoo.

If you’re worried about your hairstyle the day of the event, the main thing to know is that, depending on your hair type, the water in the foam may cause your hair to poof (mostly in type 2 or 3 hair that’s sensitive to humidity) or may cause shrinkage (type 4 hair).

Extensions, wigs, and box braids won’t be damaged by the foam either, but if you wouldn’t get the hair you’re wearing wet, then you might want to wear a different hairstyle for the day of a foam party if you can.

How do I clean up after a foam party? Are foam parties safe for my backyard lawn?

Once the party is over, our technicians will break down their stations while any leftover foam naturally dissolves. Foam liquid won’t harm lawns, although it will be wet for the remainder of the day (as if we had just gotten heavy, heavy rain). There aren’t any particles or materials in the foam remaining either–everything will absorb naturally into lawns and be washed away on blacktop.

Can I have a foam party indoors? Will the floor get wet from foam? Will you slip?

It depends. If your indoor event is in a temporary structure like a barn or walled tent, that’s great. As long as there is a dirt floor and the space is “sort of outside”, we can easily accommodate it.

If your event is indoors, the space should have (1) a cement floor (no hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, or tiles guests can slip on), (2) no built-in features like chairs, sewers, or anything that guests can trip on when it’s obscured by the foam, and (3) built-in drainage that’s flush with the floor, so excess water can easily drain but guests won’t fall or trip.

Good indoor spaces include: barns, tents, and nightclubs with cement floors and drainage.

Unsafe indoor spaces include: gyms, athletic fields with no drainage, cafeterias with linoleum or tile floors, and auditoriums.

What’s in the foam? Is foam safe for kids and pets?

Our foam is made up of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerol and water. These are also the main ingredient used in things like shampoo, dish soap and even tooth paste but without the additional chemicals and perfumes. You can read more from our manufacturer.

We would recommend keeping pets who might try to eat the foam away from it, although there is nothing particularly toxic in the foam. They’ll likely just vomit once some is in their little mouths.

Click here to read the full Safety Data Sheet for our foam material.

Can I rent a foam cannon and operate it myself?

In our experience, renting a foam cannon without a professional operator leads to an unsafe and unsuccessful event for 3 main reasons.

  1. The cannons are heavier than most kids, suspended about 6′ in the air, and plugged into tripping hazards. They’re safe when operated correctly but could lead to serious injury if they fall on someone.
  2. There is live electricity and water running from our machines at all times. Our technicians know how to work safely and wear shock-proof gloves and shoes, but electrocution is still a serious risk to the operator.
  3. We know how humidity, sun, water hardness, ambient temperature, and the number of kids affect the foam solution. Without the years of experience we have, you’ll likely end up with too much or too little foam (and no fun).
  4. You should enjoy the party too! Stressing over machines isn’t going to be how you want to spend your day, we promise.

What about the weather?

A safe foam party should be done in warm weather, without serious rain, with no thunder or lightning, and with winds under 15mph.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can move your foam to another date as long as we have availability. If we can’t find a date that works, you’ll be refunded your deposit.

What’s your cancelation policy?

We hold all foam parties with a $100 deposit (with the rest of your balance due 24 hours before your party).

If you cancel because of illness, problems with the entertainment space, or planning problems, we’ll do our best to transfer your deposit to another date and time within 365 days. However, if we don’t have the availability for your event that works with your schedule, the $100 deposit is non-refundable.

If you have to cancel because of weather-related problems, we will also look for availability for a new date, but if we can’t come to one that works for everyone then we will refund your deposit. That’s just the nature of foam parties!

We do not hold raindates as backups due to demand.

Can I rent a foam machine for my pool party?

No. When foam covers any body of water, you can’t see anything. Guests can easily fall in without noticing (or being noticed by anyone else) and even strong swimmers may have trouble exiting the water. Foam poses a serious drowning risk when it covers any water.

What if I don’t know how many guests are coming to my event?

Because foam parties are such a hit, and each machine can only entertain up to 25 people at once, it’s important (for both safety and fun) that you work with our office to solidify a guest list and schedule before your event. We’ll work with you if you’re not used to planning events, but foam parties need a little more planning than other activities.