College Events

Hire a Foam Machine for your College Event

One of our passions as parents and educators is throwing unique and memorable events that don’t require any alcohol to have fun.

Colleges and universities are always looking for ways to keep student morale up and keep students safe on campus, especially on “thirsty Thursdays” or during super stressful finals weeks. But a lot of the time, activities like bounce houses or temporary tattoos can feel too “little kid” for anything besides a carnival day.

Our foam parties are super attractive to stressed-out students looking to have some fun, require very little prep and planning from your events team, and are the right balance of tactile-move-your-body-excitement and adult party programming.

Mental Wellness Programming

If you’re looking for a physical or somatic component to your mental wellness programming, foam parties can be great way to get students (and faculty) moving their bodies!

Depending on how you schedule your event (and you can work with our office for that) students will be able to jump into the dance party between classes to dance, laugh, and make plenty of TikToks. Whether they pop in for a quick selfie or stay in for longer to dance with friends, foam parties offer a sensory-based social experience that can compliment the intellectual or spiritual parts of your mental wellness event.

Want more ideas for university mental wellness programming? We’re your one-stop shop. When you’re booking, ask us for options for:

  • Massage stations
  • Gentle yoga and chair yoga instruction
  • Caricatures
  • Henna tattoos
  • Paint night parties

Carnival Day Alternatives

Just like any ride or rented attraction, students can jump into a foam pit to move their bodies between classes and have some fun.

Each foam cannon rental comes with one professional foam technician and endless bubbles, plus a foam machine that can spray enough surface for up to 25 students at a time. When you’re booking, ask our office for options around accommodating larger groups at once (we have up to 5 cannons for up to 150 people at once) or managing a ride-style line (which will require ropes and staff from your team).

Want more ideas for college carnival day programming? We’re your one-stop shop. When you’re booking, ask us for options for:

  • Face painting and balloon twisting
  • Strolling up-close magicians
  • Airbrush tattoos
  • Juggling clowns

Finals Week Ideas for Stress-Busting

It’s not uncommon for students to neglect their bodies when they’re focusing their brains on studying… but our brains and bodies are connected!

If you’re looking for all-day pop-in programming, foam parties can offer students a moment to shake off their stress and engage socially before getting back to the books. Foam will engage their sense of touch, make them present of the space around them, and keep them in the moment while they dance and laugh with friends.

Want more ideas for stress-busting programming? We’re your one-stop shop. When you’re booking, ask us for options for:

  • Caricatures
  • Paint night parties
  • Tarot and palm reading

Tips for Planning a College Foam Event

Booking the Right Amount of Time

Each foam cannon can create a party space for up to 20-25 guests. For events over 25 guests, we can provide up to 5 cannons (provided we have enough notice to block them all off in our calendar.)

There are two ways to handle larger events: more time or more cannons.

  1. If your event has a strict schedule and only a certain amount of time available for your foam party, we suggest renting multiple cannons at once.
  2. If your event has more time and more volunteers, you can rent just 1-2 cannons for a longer duration and let guests trickle in between classes.
  3. And if you want to let as many students as possible in for any time of day, we suggest going for multiple cannons for multiple hours.

Crowd Control

Our foam techs will stay busy working the machines, so they won’t be able to provide line or crowd control. If you’re going for a smaller amount of cannons for a longer period of time, we strongly suggest having a member of your staff dedicated to watching the foam line and letting people in (kind of like a bouncer). If you don’t have the staff for it, we can also provide event staffing solutions. (Just ask us for prices when you’re getting a quote.)

Depending on how your university runs events as well, having public safety officers around may be something you want to do too. (And if you don’t have enough for your event, ask us about our professional and insured event security services. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry!)

The Perfect Soundtrack

For events with only 1 cannon, our foam techs will come with a professional speaker and aux cord or blue tooth. Someone from your staff can feel free to prepare a playlist on the platform of your choice and play it through our speakers, but just know our foam techs are busy running the machines and can’t also be DJs.

For 2+ cannons, we highly recommend hiring a DJ or having someone from the college radio station come down. Just make sure they know that it’s a party, and we’re going to need a lot of dance music!

The Best Location

To throw a foam party, your space will need 3 things:

  1. A flat outdoor area with no rocks, sprinklers, stumps, or sewers that anyone could fall on.
  2. A faucet for a hose to hook up to, maximum 100′ from the foam area.
  3. A 3-prong electric outlet, maximum 100′ from the foam area.

Generally, quads or parking lots are best. Just make sure they’re close enough to water and electric!

Letting Students Know

We have a longer text that you can copy-and-paste out on a campus listserv, but if you’re advertising on posters or social media, here are the key points to make sure students can come prepared:

  • Come get wet! Wear clothing and shoes you’re ok with getting soaked, but you don’t need a bathing suit.
  • Leave your phones somewhere dry. The foam is wet and can fry electronics.
  • Pop by between classes, but make sure you have enough time to change after.
  • Foam is safe for sensitive skin and eyes, so you don’t have to worry about glasses or contacts.
  • Foam is safe for hair, but type 2 or 3 hair could expect to get frizzy and type 4 hair can expect some shrinkage.


How does large event pricing work?

Each foam cannon starts at about $500 for the first hour, plus travel fees depending on where in New England you are. After that, the price goes down for additional time per cannon. Our office will give you different prices at different scenarios when you ask for a quote so you can find the right package for your event.

Do students need bathing suits?

Nope! They can come wearing any clothes that can get wet.

Are foam parties appropriate for Christian colleges and universities?

Yes! As long as you’re ok with students dancing, foam can be enjoyed in any type of clothing. (Depending on your organization, you may want to set these expectations ahead of time.) We can also create options for “girls dance” and “boys dance” time if your organization feels it’s appropriate.

The same goes for Muslim, Jewish, or other religious organizations. Foam can be enjoyed in modest clothing, and you’re absolutely welcome to pick a party soundtrack that reflects your values.

Are foam parties accessible to wheelchair users, students who use mobility aids, and deaf/HOH students?

For the most part, yes! Here are just a few things to think about:

  • Students who use electronic mobility devices may not want to enter the water. They know their mobility device best, but should be warned that the water can get wet.
  • Events thrown on grass or turf for several hours can create some mud. While this isn’t a problem for most students, wheels or canes may apply enough pressure in a small enough space to get stuck. If you want to make your event more accessible, consider throwing it on hardtop parking lots or paved areas.
  • Dead and hard-of-hearing students will absolutely enjoy the party! It’s a sensory experience and while hearing students will enjoy the music, it’s not central to the fun.

What about the weather?

Our foam techs can’t safely work in rain, thunder, lightning, or heavy winds. In case of inclement weather, we can move your reservation to a new date, but cannot hold any specific rain date due to demand.

Our foam season is April – September, but foam parties are best enjoyed in the warmth of the first and last weeks of school.