Clubs & Private Parties

Have a foam party for adults!

Adult foam parties are memorable and creative ways to draw people to your event, get posted on social media, or just celebrate with friends.

Whether you’re looking to add extra fun to a bar event or have an alcohol-free night, foam parties are great for all ages and require only a little planning.

Host a Private Party

If you’re hosting a private party with friends or family, we have 2 options: our party-in-a-box preset package, or our longer-duration custom options.

For a small party, you’ll reserve a one-hour foam experience–complete with a foam cannon, all equipment, professional foam tech, and a speaker system. All you need to do is meet your foam tech 1 hour before their scheduled start time, and plan your playlist!

For a larger party, our office will work with you to reserve 1-5 foam cannon setups, just as many techs, and find the right music solution for your event. Our foam techs can blast foam for up to 6 hours, so we’ll make sure we find the right party package for your budget and needs.

Want more event entertainment ideas for your private party? Ask us about our creative entertainment when you’re booking! From tarot reading and henna to spray on tattoos and caricatures, our team of professional party artists can make your event extra special.

Host a Special Event at your Bar, Nightclub, or Venue

If your venue wants to draw in a massive crowd, foam is the way to do it!

To spray foam in an indoor venue, we need the following requirements:

  1. A concrete area with drainage, like a club dancefloor that can be hosed down at the end of the night. Carpet, hardwood, or tiles won’t work for foam.
  2. A faucet that our techs can hook a hose up to. The faucet needs to be a maximum of 100′ from where the cannon will be set up, and needs to run along a path where guests won’t trip over it.
  3. A grounded, 3-prong electrical outlet that our techs can run equipment to. The outlet needs to be a maximum of 100′ from where the cannon will be set up, needs to run along a path where guests won’t trip over it, and can’t have anything else on the circuit (since our machines require a lot of energy.)

And while foam parties are perfect for alcohol-free events, if your venue is expecting large groups of people and drinking, ask us about additional security services while booking. Our team has over a decade of experience in club bouncing and festival security, is fully insured, and can make sure your guests feel safe enough to relax and have a great time.

Pro Tips for the Perfect Adult Party

If you’ve never planned a foam event before, it can seem pretty mysterious and elaborate. But don’t worry: in our decade of event entertainment planning, we have some tips for you!

Prepare your guests for the right dress code. You can read more on our FAQ, but guests shouldn’t wear anything they don’t want to get wet. This may mean guests bringing a change of clothes (such as to a wedding or adult birthday party) or coming in something less dressy than they otherwise would (like to a nightclub or bar).

Walk through your venue to make sure it works with foam. If our foam techs can’t set up because your venue won’t work with foam, we’ll absorb our non-refundable deposit to compensate our office and events team for their time. Make sure you read our preparation guide and walk through your space to check that it’s compatible with foam.

Work with a professional DJ. For small events our foam techs will come with a speaker that’s compatible with an aux cord or BlueTooth, but unless you’re prepared with the perfect playlist (or for events over 25 people), you’ll want a pro DJ from your team or ours.

Have an area for phones and bags, or encourage guests to leave them in their car. Foam is wet, and if your guests are worried about electronics or bags getting wet, you’ll want a place to put them. For a small private event this can be a table near the foam area, but for a public event this should be lockers or a sign encouraging

For public events, plan to have extra security. When the foam is up to guests’ shoulders or hips, no one will be able to see anything under the foam. Extra security dedicated to the foam area will keep your event feeling safe so guests can enjoy it. (And if you don’t have extra security present from your own team, ask about our insured and bonded security services when booking.)

Foam Party for Adults FAQ

How much does a foam cannon rental cost?

All of our foam party rentals come with a cannon, a professional foam technician, all of the equipment we need, and endless foam.

A one-hour foam-party-in-a-box package for under 25 people is around $500, plus a travel fee depending on where in New England you are. These packages also come with a huge speaker, but you’ll need to provide the playlist.

For larger events, our prices depend on how many guests you’re having and your event’s run of show. When you contact us for a quote, we’ll send you different options at different prices so you can pick the best one. These events don’t come with speakers or sound systems, so you’ll save a little on travel and set-up costs but should budget in music and a DJ.

Can I rent just the foam cannon by itself?

Foam cannons are mixing water and electricity, and take some getting used to. For the safety of everyone and maximum fun, our techs will be there to run everything for you.

Will foam ruin clothing?

If your clothing can be cleaned in a normal washer and drier, the foam won’t ruin it. There aren’t any dyes or fragrances in the foam either.

Guests should be prepared to jump in wearing street clothes, althleisure, sports clothes, bathing suits, or just regular shorts and tshirt. For shoes, they should wear sneakers made for sports, strap-on sports sandals, water shoes, or come barefoot. See more about our suggested dress code here.

Is foam safe for hair, eyes, and skin?

Yes! Foam won’t irritate guests’ eyes or hair, but it shouldn’t be eaten (like soap shouldn’t be).

For hair, the main ingredient in foam is water, so guests won’t have to worry about damaged to fragile or dyed hair. But guests with Type 2 or 3 hair should expect some frizziness or tangles with humidity; guests with Type 4 hair should expect shrinkage; guests with perms should follow perm maintenance with water; and guests with wigs or extensions should know that they will likely need to wash their hair after the party.

Will the floor get wet from foam? Can you slip?

Yes. Foam is perfect for concrete areas with good drainage (such as patios or cement nightclub floors) but shouldn’t be applied to anywhere without drains or with floor made of carpet, hardwood, tile, or laminate.