Tween & Teen Events

Teen Foam Parties for Birthdays or Graduations

If you’re trying to throw a party that will un-glue your teens from their phones, foam parties are something they’ve seen on social media and reality TV that will get them excited and keep them present in the moment.

Foam parties strike an awesome balance between child-like-fun and nightclub-glamour that’s perfect for all ages–even too-cool-for-fun tweens and teens.

Project Graduation

We entertain at dozens of Project Graduations every spring to help kids safely celebrate 12+ years of academic achievement. One thing that we love about foam parties for project graduation events is that it’s unique and TikTok-worthy enough to get kids excited to go to your Project Grad.

We know that often, Project Grad activities walk the line of being too-kiddy (face painting, balloon twisting) or potentially divisive (hypnotists, palm readers). Rides and attractions like bounce houses and foam parties are great alternatives to carnival-style entertainment.

A foam party Project Grad is right for you if: you have an outdoor area for kids for this portion of the event, plus volunteers to help staff the (long) line for this.

A foam party Project Grad isn’t right for you if: you only have wooden gym or tile cafeteria floors (which are too slippery), or are planning on keeping kids indoors for the entire night.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

One of the joys of planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is creating a nightclub-like atmosphere for kids that’s safe, alcohol-free, and full of the sort of delight adults wish they had at parties!

But in that balance, it’s easy to default to activities that are too little-kid-ish for a coming-of-age event (like face painters or temporary tattoos) or too carnival-themed like airbrush shirts or variety entertainment.

Foam parties can work with your DJ and nightclub to amplify that “adult party” energy of your event by adding more ambiance, more structure, and more reason to get on the dance floor!

A foam party is right for you if: you’re looking for a magical, larger-than-life experience in a venue that is either outdoors or has cement nightclub floors with drainage.

A foam party isn’t right for you if: you don’t want kids to bring a change of clothes (because their nicer dresses, suits, and shoes aren’t great for foam) or your venue doesn’t have great drainage.

Teen Birthday Parties & Graduation Parties

If you miss how fun little kid birthdays are to throw for your family and want to create something memorable for your kids in their tween or teen years, foam parties are an amazing mix of classic-kids-party-fun and adult-dance-party.

Tweens and teens can get really excited about all their upcoming milestone birthdays (10, 13, 16, and 18 are all big years!) but when it comes down to what to actually do, finding something special for them and their friends is a challenge.

Our party-in-a-box foam birthday party package is perfect for up to 25 kids and can be held in any backyard. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You can get in contact with us about availability and pricing. (Foam birthday parties are normally around $500, plus travel depending on where in CT, MA, or RI you are.)
  2. Once you rent your foam cannon, you don’t have to do anything besides focus on the guest list and food.
  3. Our foam tech will come an hour before your scheduled start time to set up. All you need to do is show them where to set up!
  4. At your scheduled start time, your foam tech will begin playing music and blasting foam! (Pro-tip: have your kid put together a dance mix and share it with our foam tech on Spotify.)
  5. The party guests will have an hour of non-stop-dancing, TikTok-making, and selfie-taking.
  6. The foam tech will turn down the party at the end of your scheduled time (normally 1 hour of foam party) and guests can transition to having food and hanging out.

A foam party is right for you if: your tween or teen loves to make TikTok dances, have an aesthetic Instagram, dance with friends, get goofy, or act very adult.

A foam party isn’t right for you if: your kid is more of an introvert or has a birthday during cold months.

Tips for a Top Teen Party

Our foam technicians will take care of everything the day of the event, but a few extra minutes of planning before the big day can help ensure your teen party is a success.

  1. Decide on the dress code ahead of the event. Kids can wear clothing they’re ok with getting wet or bathing suits, but if you have a preference for what kids come dressed in (or don’t want to see them ruin nice clothing), plan ahead of time and communicate that to the parents.
  2. Have a dry area to keep cell phones. The foam will get wet and can short-circuit phones, but foam parties are premium content for social media. Our suggestion is to have a covered area far away from the phones (like a large plastic tote) where kids can put them between TikTok dances and selfies.
  3. Get a great soundtrack. Our foam techs can come with sound systems, but for parties over 50 kids or in a situation where you want a DJ, plan on hiring a DJ to build a playlist and take requests. (And for smaller parties, encourage your teens to plan their own playlists with friends! It’s a great way to get them excited about their event.)
  4. Keep extra sunscreen on hand. If your party is outdoors it’s likely in the direct sun. Kids will get burned and might have skipped the UV protection earlier when their parents were asking them about it.
  5. Consider scheduling “girls dance” or “boys dance” times of it’s right for your teens. While very few events do this, we know that plenty of Christian schools, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and even public schools with diverse religious populations want to keep everything comfortable for everyone. If you or other parents are more comfortable with having gender-separated dance times, just ask our office or your DJ! We can help you plan waves of kids so that everyone feels comfortable at your event. We can also have three sections (everyone, then girls, then boys) for diverse events where you want to make sure everyone has a chance in the foam.


How much does a foam party cost?

A private party of up to 25 tweens or teens generally costs about $500, plus travel. Add more kids into the mix, and you’ll have to add more time or more foam cannons (or both) for a higher cost.

When you get a quote from us, it’ll be custom to your event.

What do I need for a foam party?

We have a few basic requirements for our foam set-ups:

  1. An outdoor space with no rocks, stumps, sewers, or tripping hazards *or* an indoor space with concrete floors and good drainage (like a nightclub). Gyms or cafetarias won’t work.
  2. A faucet that our hose can be connected to within 100′ of the foam area.
  3. A 3-pronged grounded outlet that our machines can be plugged into within 100′ of the foam area.

Will the foam ruin clothing?

Our foam solution is safe for eyes and skin, but if your clothing is dry-clean only (or too delicate to get messy in) then we don’t recommend wearing it into the foam.

Clothing we do recommend: athleisure, sports clothes, bathing suits, or just your regular tshirts and shorts. For shoes, anything you can get wet and won’t slip off: water shoes, Crocs in sports mode, or even old sports sneakers. (And even barefoot is fine!)

Clothing we don’t recommend: anything that needs to be dry-cleaned; anything that can easily fall off or fall apart; or anything that you’d be upset to see ruined. For shoes, teens shouldn’t wear anything expensive (collectible sneakers, dress shoes), anything that can slip off (slides, flip-flops, flats), anything that can hurt other people if they’re stepped on (heels, cleats), or anything that can twist an ankle (heels, platforms).