Corporate Events

Hire a Foam Machine for Corporate Entertainment

Our corporate foam party packages are perfect for event planners looking for energetic, memorable event ideas that are HR-approved and perfect for all ages or backgrounds.

In our decades of corporate party planning, we know that planning an original event that will draw a maximum audience with activities that will appeal to everyone is one of the biggest challenges to event planners today.

Foam parties are not only a truly unique and Instagram-able experience, but they can be set up for a group of any size and modified to meet your company’s HR, legal, and brand requirements.

Make This Summer Picnic One To Remember

No matter how large your group, no matter what the age range, no matter what their backgrounds… we have you covered!

Our large-group foam parties can run up to 5 cannons at once to allow up to 150 guests enjoy the party at once.

Or, for a longer event on a schedule, our office team can work for you to schedule smaller interval foam moments for smaller groups throughout the event. We specialize in corporate event entertainment, and we can design the right solution for your needs.

Here’s what you can expect when you book a larger event with us:

  1. When you contact us, we’ll send you a list of options for different group sizes, durations, and budgets.
  2. Once you book the right foam party package for your event, you can move on to other details of your party.
  3. On the day of the event, our foam techs will arrive on-site 1 hour before their scheduled start time. They’ll find their event contact (either you or someone on your team, depending on what you tell us at booking) who will show them where to set up.
  4. The foam techs will set up the entirety of their station by themselves. (Pro tip: make sure your maintenance crew is on hand in case the building has any issues with water or electricity.)
  5. The foam techs will start at the scheduled start time, coordinating everything either with our house DJ or one that you’ve hired.
  6. That’s it! Now your guests (and you) get to enjoy the event.
  7. At the scheduled end time, the foam tech will break down everything before leaving. The foam will naturally dissolve, and there’s nothing for you to clean up.

Looking for more summer picnic activities? We specialize in creative party entertainment! When you’re booking, ask for additional entertainment quotes for things like airbrush tattoos, caricatures, balloon twisting, and more.

Smaller Team Events

If you’re planning an event under 50 people, our party-in-a-box model is the perfect no-hassle approach.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. You check prices and availability for your date with our office.
  2. You book 1 cannon for 2-25 guests or 2 cannons for 25-50 guests. Our small party package runs for one hour–the perfect amount of time for guests to enjoy maximum foam before getting tired out by the sunshine, dancing, and music.
  3. Our techs come with everything they need, including speakers with bluetooth/aux for the playlist of your choice.
  4. One hour before the reserved foam time, our pro foam techs arrive and set up everything. All you’ll need to do is meet them where they’re parking and them where to set up.
  5. The foam will start spraying at the reserved start time!
  6. At the end of our one-hour party-in-a-box, our foam techs will begin to pack up. The foam will dissolve naturally, and there’s nothing else you need to do!

And if you’re looking for other types of event entertainment, we have you covered. From wellness week activities like massage stations, seat yoga, henna, and tarot reading to summer-fun circus-classics like balloon twisting and caricatures, ask our office for additional activity ideas while booking.

Tips for a Fantastic Foam Day

Corporate events can be logistically challenging, especially when you’re programming an activity (like foam) that you’ve never done before.

Here are our tips for how to make your event run smoothly:

  1. Consult HR on a dress code. All foam requires is clothing and shoes that are ok to get wet, but depending on your organization’s policies you may want to decide what that does or doesn’t mean. You can read more in our FAQ for our guidance as well.
  2. If you’re having families at your event, consider an after-hours “adult swim”. If you’re having an event that mixes single adults with young families, we suggest first having a Kids Club segment where the DJ plays family-friendly edits of contemporary hits while the foam tech keeps the foam at the appropriate level and density for kids. Once the kids have tired out (60 minutes to several hours, depending on the flow of your event), the DJ can start some throwbacks and the foam tech can start stacking foam to adult heights. Ask our office if you’d like more help coordinating this.
  3. Play a perfect playlist. Depending on your company culture or brand, your idea of the perfect playlist could be very different from our own. Foam techs will be busy running machines and won’t be able to DJ, so if you’re going for a smaller event that includes speaker rental, make sure someone has a device that’s compatible with an aux cord or BlueTooth and that they can take over being the DJ. (And if you have a larger event, talk to your DJ in advance!)
  4. Have a nearby station for bags, shoes, wallets, and cell phones. Foam gets wet and guests will likely want an area to drop things that they want to keep dry. Depending on your event, we suggest a table or cubbies near the foam entrance.

And even though you don’t have to do much to set up or run your foam event, the right foam space is crucial to a safe and memorable event.

  1. Each cannon needs a 25’x25′ area to blast foam. This can be either lawn with no rocks, stumps, sprinklers or sewers that could be tripping hazards, or equally-flat hardtops like parking lots or paved areas.
  2. Each cannon will need access to a 3-prong, grounded outlet a maximum 100′ from the foam area.
  3. Cannons will also need access to a faucet that they can attach a hose to, a maximum 100′ from the foam area.

Finally, you’ll also want to prepare guests.

Check out our copy-and-paste adult guide here, and make sure to modify anything you need based on HR or legal policy.

Corporate Event FAQ

How much does a foam party cost?

The two biggest factors in foam party cost are (1) the anticipated number of guests and (2) your location in New England. When you submit a quote, we’ll send you different prices with different budgets and options.

Can you comply with our insurance requirements, security requests, or vendor onboarding?

Almost certainly. When you’re booking, just let us know what COI, vaccine proof, drivers’ licenses, or other paperwork you need. In the past decade, we’ve never found a company we couldn’t work with.

What’s the foam made out of? Is it safe?

The foam is very safe! It’s made out of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Glycerol (common ingredients in many personal hygiene products and dish soap).

It won’t irritate eyes or skin and won’t damage hair. (And like soap or shampoo, it shouldn’t be eaten.)

You or your legal team can see the full Safety Data Sheet here, but note that this is for the foam gel that we store in our studio. Each 1 cup of gel is diluted into a 5-gallon bucket to be transported to your event, and then each 1 cup of diluted gel is diluted a second time into an additional 5-10 gallons of water (based on water temperature and hardness) before being sprayed out.

What about the weather? Will you hold a raindate?

We generally cannot hold rain dates due to the demand we have for foam parties coupled with a limited ammount of cannons. But in the case of rain, thunder, lightning, or winds over 15mph, we will do our best to accommodate a new date for you. (Although it may take some teamwork and flexibility.)