PreK & Daycare Foam Parties

Foam Parties for Daycares and PreSchools

Whether your goal is to market your summer program or simply to have fun, foam parties are a great programming solution for daycares and PreK programs in CT, MA, and RI.

In our decade of event entertainment experience, we know that parents are more involved (and pickier) than ever. Pre-schools and daycares need to not only deliver unique and engaging experiences to both children and their parents, but make sure prospective families can see what makes your facility different.

Foam parties are amazing summer programming ideas that engage children’s senses, help them get out all of their energy, and make for great photos and videos to share with parents.

Foam parties for daycares and preschools - a small girl is sitting chin-deep in bubble bath foam and smiling at the camera

Summer Splash Day for Small Kids

If you’re looking for water-play or a splash day, here’s what you can expect with our Summer Splash Day package:

  1. Submit a quote with how many kids (and groups) you’re expecting this summer.
  2. Work with our office team to come up with a schedule for your day.
  3. You’ll book a foam cannon, a professional foam technician, and endless bubbles for the right amount of time. And we’ll take care of the rest!

When the big day comes, it’ll run smoothly so you can focus on everything else you have to do.

  1. Our foam tech will arrive an hour early. All you need to do is let them in and show them where to set up.
  2. You’ve already planned a schedule with our office, so the kids in your program will come out in groups of 10-25 for their half hour of foam party!
  3. Once your schedule has cycled through all of the groups, the foam tech will clean up everything before they leave.

A foam party is no harder to plan than any activity station but is way more memorable than anything you’ve ever done. (We promise!)

A small boy is laughing with his eyes closed and foam on his head

Tips for a Fantastic PreK Foam Day

Programming Challenges (And How To Solve Them)

The biggest problem we’ve seen with foam parties for daycares or pre-schools is a lack of planning from parents. We’ve created a handy guide for exactly what to tell parents before dropping off their kids, so we recommend sending it to all parents before the big day.

For kids under 5 especially, we recommend they bring goggles. The foam won’t irritate their skin and eyes (our foam techs have gotten plenty in their own eyes), but it can be overwhelming to small children to suddenly have bubbles on their faces. We also strongly recommend a change of clothes, since the bravest kids will get soaking wet.

Finally, be prepared for cautious kids. Some kids will find the foam overwhelming and will only want to explore the edges, or take their time. In groups of kids under 4, the foam techs may create a still pile of foam for kids to explore before adding any additional foam. It may look underwhelming to adults, but giving kids some cautious time to get brave before turning on the real foam experience can help them warm up.

Preparing set up

Most of the time, foam parties for daycares and PreKs take place in a play yard. Our foam techs will take care of anything, but we recommend making sure that all play structures, toys, and objects are cleared from the area. The foam will obscure everything and become an easy tripping hazard.

Preparing guests

Before the big date, make sure to use our copy-and-paste party prep text to parents so they know what to expect. You can also use any of our FAQ text in case they have questions.

(And don’t forget to tell your staff to wear something they can get wet, even the office staff and directors! Jumping in the foam with kids is too much fun to resist.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Foam Parties for Daycares and PreSchools

How much does a foam party for a daycare cost?

Our packages for schools of under 25 kids start at around $500 (plus a travel fee, depending on where in CT, MA, or RI you are), and go up from there for larger schools. When you contact us, we’ll create custom pricing for you.

How much time do we need?

For daycares and pre-schools of under 25 kids, our one-hour package is simple to run and the perfect amount of time.

We suggest each group of 15-25 students have 25 minutes in the foam (but is scheduled for a 30-minute block, so you have some transition time.) We can provide up to 6 hours of foam fun for up to 300 kids, but it really just depends on the size of your school.

Is foam safe for small children?

Yes! Our foam won’t irritate skin or eyes (even if someone is sensitive). You can read the Safety Data Sheet here.

That said, adult caretakers must be present since if a child eats the foam it’ll likely cause gagging or vomiting (just like if they ate bubble bath suds at home), and sometimes kids can get so excited about the sensory experience that they may push or hit other children in the foam. Both of these things are easy to solve with daycare and PreK teachers 🙂